How To Pick Yourself Up

It’s only natural that from time to time, we are not feeling our best.

Sometimes, waking up and getting up is so much harder than on other days. Sometimes, we feel down and unproductive for no apparent reason.

And in those moments, all we want to do, is go back home, curl back in to bed, and leave the outside world to recover.

Which is not always possible.

With the growing amount of responsibilities, we cannot just shy away from our work. We cannot leave our post because we feel down, without being able to explain it.

So we try to ‘suck it up’ and pretend that we are okay. Only to go home and completely crash after work.

It’s not easy to juggle our day to day responsibilities as it is, and when we are feeling down, it becomes a real challenge. But there are ways to pick ourselves up, to at least get us through the day until we will be able to relax and recover.

1. List Your Problems

I’m a huge advocate for carrying a pen and paper everywhere with you (‘You never know when you will need a pencil’, said Mitchum in Gilmore Girls, and he is right!).

A lot of the times we get overwhelmed by the amount of responsibilities that we have. Combine that with all the tasks we have to do at work and at home, and you can see why suddenly we feel like we carry a heavy weight around our necks.

I like writing things down. It helps to categorize the things I need to do, it gives me a clearer idea of what is more important, and it allows me to free all that mental space that I’m desperately trying to fill in with reminders for all the things I need to do.

I prefer writing everything down in a list format, categorizing my to do tasks by work related and not, including little checkboxes in front of each item to be able to tick them off.

And even in this age, where I carry my phone everywhere, I prefer pen and paper. It allows me to concentrate more on the task at hand, without getting distracted by the notifications that keep popping up on my phone.

Take out pen and paper, put your phone on silent mode and turn it away, and give yourself at least 10 minutes to sit down, and clear your mind by writing everything that worries you or that you need to do. 

You won’t believe how simple and effective this step can sometimes be. 

2. Practice Celebrating Your Success

It’s not a bad thing to be aware of the areas you need to improve on. But we are doing this so much, and take it to the extreme, that a lot of the time it becomes a form fo self-hate.

Celebrating our achievements is equally, if not more, important. Acknowledging that we did something well is so beneficial as it shows us our growth points and helps us to see more clearly that we are doing some things right.

Take a look at your day, and find at least one thing that your feel proud or happy about that you have done. It doesn’t even have to be that big. It can be as simple as making yourself nice breakfast, taking time to meditate in the morning, going to exercise. ANYTHING.

You should celebrate all you achievements, small and big, mundane and more extraordinary ones. Everything counts. 

3. Take Care

In general, it is important to treat our body and our mind well. 

Eating well, moving our bodies and concentrating on the positives rather than the negatives are all crucial steps for our physical and emotional health.

It is especially important when we feel down.

What happens a lot of the times when we stop feeling ourselves and start feeling out of control, is that we start to have less and less energy, which in return means we are spending less and less time taking care of ourselves.

And I get it. It is really hard to make ourselves even get up and have a shower, when the whole world’s weight seems to be pushing us down. But, and I use this word again, these are the crucial moments when we need to find the strength in ourselves and do these seemingly unimportant things for ourselves.

And it is way easier to make ourselves do something, when it is already part of our daily routine. When there is already a habit.

Look at this as some sort of contingency plan – not only establishing healthy daily routines will make your day to day life easier now, it might as well save you on those days when you don’t feel like doing anything.

I found a great article with great suggestions for healthy daily routines on LifeHack website, which might be of use for you as well. 

4. Clean Your House

Honestly, this probably might sound like one of the weirdest suggestions in this list, but hear me out.

Sometimes, we just cannot stay positive. Sometimes it is hard to even think about everything that we need to do and all the tasks that are waiting for us. Sometimes, we are just not motivated enough to do something healthy for us or go to exercise.

And even though, going outside in the nature was a great contender for this list, sometimes we just don’t want to leave the house.

But we still need to find a way, to clear our head, maybe move a little and do something that would distract us from everything else that is burdening us.

And sometimes, opening a window, taking out a vacuum machine and giving your house a good clean, might make you feel that you achieved more than in the whole week at work.

The space that we live in is so important, and it is important that when we feel frustrated, our home doesn’t make us more anxious, upset or frustrated. 

And sometimes, when you don’t feel like doing anything nice for yourself, there is always a little corner in your home, that has been waiting for months for you to organize it, that might just make you feel better. 

Besides, have you ever tried to scrub your bathroom tiles or kitchen counters? Not only it’s a great workout, it’s an awesome way to get rid of anger and all that frustration that you have been building up inside.

There is nothing wrong with feeling down and letting yourself have a complete day off to recover. It is completely fine to take time for yourself to just process all the feelings that might have been building up for a while.

But if you feel like you need to do something about the way you feel, I hope that these few tips will help you.

What do you do to pick yourself up?

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